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Ketchum CEO Barri Rafferty attended the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland from Jan. 23 to 26, 2018 with the goal of contributing to important conversations and bringing back learnings for Ketchum’s clients and employees. This Communicating Our Shared Future content hub highlights some of her key insights.

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Everyone approaches Davos with different goals in mind. For me, I think the “Davos marathon” is a prime opportunity to learn, make connections and uncover opportunities, and my primary goal is to bring back important insights for our clients and colleagues to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities for businesses in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For the last two years, I’ve asked Davos delegates from our client organizations and our parent company what they were most looking forward to.

Here are a few of their thoughts.

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With the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Annual Meeting in full swing, I noticed a common thread emerged through a number of meetings and sessions: a focus on building inclusive work environments that foster a caring culture.

Here are some of my top WEF-inspired takeaways on the topic.

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Unsurprisingly, A.I. remained one of the biggest topics of conversation at the World Economic Forum this year. But what has struck me is a recurring theme of transformation. A.I. is no longer something for the tech industry to consider – it is infiltrating our entire way of life, from self-driving vehicles, to healthcare, to the analytics tools we count on for developing influencer marketing programs. It is transforming the very nature of industries, and we all need to learn to adapt as A.I. takes its rightful place in the mainstream.

Here are a few key takeays on this theme of transformation.

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